COVID-19 Response From CEO, Brad Robinson

COVID-19 Response

Craft Pies Pizza Company Fans,

Our team is closely monitoring this situation regarding the COVID-19 virus epidemic. We’re strictly following both local and federal guidelines to ensure efforts are in place to protect our team members and valued guests.

Our thoughts and prayers are with all of those affected.

Since we opened our first location in 2018, the health and safety of our communities has always been a top priority. Ensuring a clean environment has been ingrained in our culture and we believe this is the first step in providing a 5-star experience. Craft Pies Pizza Company will remain committed to creating the safest dining experience possible.

Some of our normal operating procedures are as follows:

●  Keep records of all temperatures and sanitation checks for any food items. These audits are completed multiple times each day in accordance to Food Safety Guidelines. ​

●  Employ intentional procedures in cleanliness and sanitation within our work areas.

●  Require all employees to have food handlers’ licenses.

●  Require all managers to be ServSafe certified.

●  Require regular hand washing practices. ​

●  Require all team members to wear food safety gloves when handling food. ​

We are taking additional steps to ensure safety and cleanliness against the potential spreading of COVID-19 by:

●  Increasing the sanitation practices in all restaurant areas. ​

●  Holding COVID-19 specific training to educate our team members on reducing the risk of exposure andspread of the virus.

●  Taking additional precautions when handling all produce and other ready to eat items.

●  Implementing new tamper proof seals on all pizza boxes.

●  Monitoring employees for slight coughs and/or increase in body temperature. (We will send home any employee that shows symptoms)

●  We will continue to follow strict standard Food Safety Guidelines as we have maintained with stellar scores.

As we move into uncharted waters, it’s important to remember that as much as 50% of food purchases in America are generated through customers dining-in restaurant establishments. As you have probably noticed, grocery store supply chains are running low on normal stocked items. However, restaurants are not currently experiencing this same food supply shortage. It is important to continue your normal food purchasing habits while taking the necessary precautions provided by the CDC and local authorities. According to the USDA and FDA, COVID-19 is not linked to the packaging of food or the food that is shipped to restaurants. ​

Thank you for understanding and being patient in this unprecedented time. We appreciate your support in granting us the opportunity to serve the communities we care so much about for the past two years.

We will get through this together and our communities will be stronger because of it. ​

Best, ​

Brad Robinson ​ Co-Founder and CEO, Craft Pies Pizza Company ​